List of Crafty-ness

  • do all repairs and alterations
  • make resin necklace pendants
  • finish up give up on crocheted dog blanket for bedroom
  • finish quilt from 2000(!) OR make something entirely different (toss that stupid dragonfly fabric)
  • dye old hubby T’s and cut to make “yarn” skeins
  • make fabric boxes for craft room storage
  • make dress muslins to fit
  • make bag for you-know-who
  • make sweater quilt (baby?) bins/baskets
  • re-org sewing supplies and purge stash
  • get Singer repaired
  • make new bag for self (something moon-shaped?)
  • finish up all present projects

2 responses

9 11 2008
Queen of Fifty Cents

Hee hee–when I glanced quickly at your list I thought that one said “make RAISIN necklace pendants.” Opens up whole new vistas of craftiness!

12 11 2008
Karen J.

Hmmmm, raisins coated in Mod-Podge or polyurethane?
Indeed – golden raisins, pretty red craisins, plain ol’ brown raisins, with a prune or a dried apricot for the “focus bead” …

Must be past my bedtime!

Karen J.

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