The invention of a drink

12 05 2012

Visiting friends. Put in charge of the cocktails. Epiphany during my bathroom break:

2oz gin
2-3 muddled blackberries
Tbs brown sugar
1/2 tsp red wine vinegar
Squeeze of lemon



Hair Update

17 08 2011

Remember my hair dilemma? Well…I’m growing it out for now. I imagine casually twisted buns and loose braids. So obviously I’m a little crazy right now.  But it is getting pretty long. For me. : )

(It’s dark in here in the morning!)


31 07 2011

I have been listening to Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass pretty much nonstop since Thursday. I blame Emily.

Also, videos in the 60s were hilarious.

Hair crisis

22 06 2011

I am having a hair crisis. It’s in that in boring phase where I think “grow it out?” “cut it all off again?” I just can’t decide. But whatever I have right now is lame. I have had many hairstyles over the last 10 years: pigtails, the “exploded cigar”, a mulledour – half mohawk half pompadour, long in front short in back (the reverse mullet), pixie, skater chick, and everything in between. What do you think?

The pigtails aren’t worth revisiting; imagine center part and blushable comments about handlebars.

The exploded cigar: smooth and long in front, tucked behind the ear with a short, messy, full of product back.

(drinking w/ Dad on my 26th)

The mulledour: about 3 inches of much longer hair all the way from my fourhead (or is that a fivehead?) to the nape of my neck.

Long in front was really more about a couple pieces in the very front that were inches longer than the rest…sort of a bob?

Pixie and skater chick are sort of the same. It’s about the bang length…

(I was thinking it would be funny to post only pictures of me drinking but then I got distracted.)

Also – I should point out that in my vision of growing my hair out, there is a lot of “should I have bangs” and “maybe I’ll have a long braid and be all grandma-in-the-farmer-style goodness”. Which is to say: growing it out seems dangerous.

Happy Friday!!

20 05 2011

Song of the day

7 04 2011

Sometimes a cheesy video with cheery music is all you really need on a Thursday that is a Friday:

No idea why that blond lady dancing in the end is there, but whatever.

I miss movies!

15 12 2010

I used to watch movies. I worked at a movie theater for years! I can thread a projector or make popcorn like nobodies’ business. But there is something about watching movies for free for years that ruins you for the $10+ you have to spend now. I’ll get over it someday I’m sure. I certainly have no problem dropping that much on a drink now and again. Priorities.

Anyway. Here’s something to love about the internet today: