Fiber Arts Camp in Feb 2012

14 01 2011

Come on…you know you want to come hang out with a bunch of crafter ladies with me for a week in Feb of 2012.  Bring anything! The main crew will be doing rug hooking.  I have no idea what kind of fiber craft I’ll be into in 2012 but I’m sure there will be something: crochet, knitting, quilting.

It’s at this gorgeous place:

Steps from the beach.

Learn all the details on my mom’s blog.



15 02 2010

I’m at Asilomar State Beach with my mom, helping with her rug camp, and as a side benefit, enjoying some time at the coast.

So much to share

8 12 2008

Thanksgiving was wonderful.  I love that holiday so much.  Food, friends, wine, laughter.  I made a number of tasty dishes, including some leftovers transformed, that I’ll share with you in my next post.  But we also just got back from a faaabulous visit with some close friends in Boston that I’d love to share with you first.  It even snowed!


The flakes where huge, not that you can tell from this photo.  I guess you really only love snow if you don’t have to live in it.  Lucky us.  : )

We went beer tasting at Sam Adams Brewery:


Big thumbs up from the hubby.

We took a trip to Provincetown where we sang carols, drank Wassail, and saw a giant “tree” in the town square made of lobster cages.


They gave us jingle bells and a triangle at the carol sing along.


This is what Wassail looks like when you’ve had a lot of it…


And the next day we walked out on the tip of the peninsula.  Absolutely gorgeous:


Eating way too many cupcakes and too much meat (both delicious!), drinking festive beverages, laughing for days, singing, goofiness, games until the wee hours of the night, and just plain old good fun with friends. Thank you so much!