Fun & funny friends

11 01 2011

We have a new blogger in our midst!  …and whatnot is by a crafty friend of mine.

Other blogs by friends (and moms) that I love are:

  • Amber &: keeper of cute kitties (and other animals), office antics, and interpretive dance
  • Exquisite Comics: visual amusements of daily life
  • Laura’s Loop: my mom!rug hooking projects, camps & her amazing photos
  • Revolutionary Grammar: salty variety from tech to dress making and all odd things in between
  • The (not so) Little Things: music, feminist commentary that I actually enjoy & funny little internet gems that can cheer up an otherwise cranky making day

I’m still waiting for blogs by Val & the Dr.  Hop to it, ladies.


Dang it!

6 12 2010

I forgot I was going to post my November search traffic…and now I only have access to the terms searched for from Nov 7th through today.  (Am I an idiot?  How do I do a date range search for info on traffic??)

  • jean quilt/jean quilts/denim quilt all got lots of traffic
  • erlthegirl (looking for me)
  • box pillow (suckers)
  • apt erl timers (a timer of erls? or an apt erl timer?)
  • “even if i’m in another city”
  • brand name chicken wing sauce dip (people love that chicken wing dip)
  • clipper card got lots more hits
  • thanksgiving rainboots (with turkeys on them?)
  • leggy turnips (fellow sufferers)
  • eatwell farms csa (represent!)
  • industrious nature (that’s me!)
  • and my graph paper fantastic “making a tree out of lights” started helping people out too.

Strangely enough, your favorite post this month was Lots of Pictures of Dirt.  I suspect this is Moonpie’s doing.  Or? You’re all just really into dirt.

Just the stats, ma’am

5 11 2010

October was a busy month here at erlthegirl with visitors numbering in the double digits on more than one day!

The when of the visiting amuses me. The whys too.  Here are the search terms for October in order of frequency of use:

  • erlthegirl
  • lots of butter
  • clipper wageworks
  • bart for clipper wageworks
  • wageworks clipper
  • testicals
  • quilt jeans
  • clipper card defective
  • tomatillo plant
  • cream cheese chicken wing dip
  • clipper card horrible
  • denim quilts
  • erl the girl
  • jean quilt
  • wageworks “clipper card”
  • clipper card bart fast pass wageworks
  • used debit card clipper
  • clipper card caught
  • clipper card blog
  • jean quilts
  • clipper card automatic
  • perfect martini hendricks
  • 70 clipper card

Lots of folks looking for info on the clipper card, people interested in LOTS OF BUTTER, jean quilts, and wait a minute – did that say testicals? Where is testicals even on my blog (until today)?

You’re strange beasts, search engine monsters.

How do they find me?

1 10 2010

I’m totally copying ALH today and posting the search traffic that brings people (strangers – ooooo…eeeeek!) to the Erlthegirl blog because I find it fascinating.

In September we were still very much on a roll with the Clipper searches.  Also – apparently I have my own olive oil.  Who knew?

  1. erlthegirl
  2. jeans quilts
  3. clipper card commuter check
  4. erl olive oil
  5. crutches
  6. clipper load stations
  7. erl girl
  8. clipper card wageworks
  9. how does the clipper pass work?
  10. clipper commuter check
  11. clipper card and wageworks
  12. organized desk cute
  13. my organized desk
  14. $70 clipper card
  15. “akit” clipper -“a kit”
  16. proper+desk+space
  17. clipper “akit” -“a kit”

I wish there was a way to combine like search phrases…

Organization rocks

24 08 2010

I have a way that I like my desk to be set up for maximum productivity – organized piles of things that need to be addressed, lists and sub-lists, file folders for frequently needed items, general reference on my bulletin board, etc.  I recently had to add a printer to the mix and it displaced a set of file folders that, when moved over, blocked my view of my Chart of Accounts, making bill reconciliation more difficult than it needed to be.  And then IT set me up with a laptop to replace my desktop and it usurped another 1.5 sq feet of previously usable desk space.  So today I reorganized my space.

Just imagine how much more productive I am going to be! I am almost giddy.

Challenge – top foods in your town

20 08 2010

A dear friend of mine read an article about amazing things to eat in SF before you die, (not this article), and was excited enough by the bacon wrapped oysters listed to suggest that we eat at the establishment that has them for dinner while he was visiting last weekend.  For the record, I did not feel that our meal was worth the effort of going downtown or the expense, and I’m pretty easy to please in the food adventure department.  The service was HORRIBLE and admitted it and didn’t fix things and the food was only decent (and overpriced).  The best item we tasted was the lemon aoili that came with our fried artichokes.  But I digress…

This made me think of what kind of food list I would actually be excited to have: a list of my friends’ favorite eats.  Not the fanciest or most avant garde (unless it’s also delicious), but the stuff that you crave after a long day or week or that thing you just have to share when the folks are in town.

Here is a list of 37 of my favorite things to eat in San Francisco:

  1. “spicy white tuna” and halibut cheek at Warakubune
  2. oysters and “steamer” clams at Hot Island Oyster Company
  3. chicken and yucca frita at Limon Rotisserie
  4. cauliflower and calamari at Spork
  5. fried tofu udon at Mifune
  6. house cured prosciutto at Bar Bambino
  7. samosas at Pakwan
  8. falafel at Truly Mediterranean
  9. mutter paneer at Udupi Palace
  10. bagel with salmon, capers, cream cheese, red onion & tamarind syrup at La Mediterranee
  11. dim sum at City View Restaurant
  12. filet mignon at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
  13. fried pickles at Weird Fish
  14. boiled chicken burrito with everything at El Farolito
  15. lemon tart at Schmidt’s
  16. black pepper gougere at Tartine
  17. sour baguette from Acme bread
  18. Sir Francis Drake brie from Cowgirl Creamery
  19. jicama salad and carnitas tacos at Mijita
  20. affogato at Blue Bottle Coffee with Pecan Sandie from Humphry Slocombe
  21. dungeness crab at The Anchor Oyster Bar
  22. pot stickers at Betelnut
  23. caesar salad at Slowclub
  24. eclairs at Miette
  25. sausage on a stick with mustard at Golden Gate Meat Company
  26. sliced beet and greens sandwich at Atlas Cafe
  27. shaved asparagus salad with poached quail eggs at Flour + Water
  28. coffee crusted pork shoulder at Range (I know – everyone loves it)
  29. house made pasta with pesto at Farina
  30. goat cheese fondue at Luna Park
  31. rainbow salad at Burma Superstar
  32. shaking beef at The Slanted Door
  33. salami from Molinari Deli
  34. sesame chicken at House of Nanking
  35. turkey sandwich with everything from Mr. Pickles
  36. orange cardamom ice cream from Bi-Rite
  37. agedashi tofu at Moki’s

Maybe at some point I’ll put all the links in here…  Note that I limited myself to San Francisco.  I have favorite eats in other places too but those will have to wait for another list.  And a list of favorite drinks and places to drink is on the brain.

The challenge! I’d love to see similar lists – longer or shorter – of favorite eats from the following: Amber &, The (not so) Little Things, and Revolutionary Grammar. And from my friends without blogs who should have them like The Dr. up in Seattle.

Things to learn

6 11 2008

Another list!  Just a quickie since I’m at work.

A list of things I’d like to learn how to do:

  • play the cello
  • knit something other than a scarf
  • hand quilt
  • make face creams and lotions
  • speak Spanish
  • bake sourdough bread
  • make my own patterns
  • tile (as in: put in new bathroom tile)

I’m sure there are other things…but it’s funny how long all of these items have been on the list in my brain and how none of them have progressed much.  Except for knitting.  At least I’ve made a little progress there.  I can knit and pearl fantastically.  Next comes cable knits and knitting a tube shape, I think.  Not that I know what I’m talking about.  Ha!