9 03 2011

Easter time is my favorite candy holiday. Not favorite holiday – favorite holiday themed candy time. The all time best junk candy ever is Cadbury Mini Eggs. Available once a year (shhhh about those Christmas ones in 2010, Ms. Whatnot), these little solid milk chocolates with a crisp sugar shell are something that I just can’t live through March without.

I would argue that the “crisp sugar shell” tastes a bit like malted milk to me. I can make myself sick eating these puppies. In even color distribution, of course: one yellow, one pink, one white. I like to save up the blue ones because they actually look real.

I used to eat one of these every year because I thought I had to for tradition:

But it turns out they are actually vile and I will not eat one ever again. (As a side note: there are lots of really disgusting pictures of Cadbury Creme Eggs on the internet.)

A newbie that isn’t quite Easter related, but was just released so you know they are hoping to capitalize on the Easter candy craze, is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Minis, which apparently they have to tell you are unwrapped in the title:

These are actually quite tasty. But in March my candy calories are all earmarked for those delicious Mini Eggs. Crack in a bag, I tell ya.


Morning candy

19 01 2011

Guess what your friendly neighborhood Erl found at the Walgreens this morning? Peanut Butter Snickers. What? Seriously.

I’m not so sure about this one. I mean…I like Snickers (the dark chocolate one, the almond one), have for most of my years, and I like chocolate and peanut butter together. But peanut butter in my Snickers? I don’t know about that.

Also – apparently Mars has decided that I should only eat one of the two squares of Peanut Butter Snickers because they have added handy instructions on the package for saving half for later:

That face says I don’t think so. But that was before I had tried it (pb similar to a stale Reece’s cup with a tad bit of caramel, some nougatty stuff and not enough peanuts; also the chocolate was waxy and gross) and now I think I’ll take them up on the “twist to close” offer and pass this sub-par bar on to someone else.

Twixin’ it up

9 06 2010

You may or may not know that I have been a big fan of chocolate candies for most, if not all, of my life.  I used to save room in my suitcase when we traveled so that I could bring tasty treats back from such strange places as Kingsport, Tennessee and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  I was definitely the first kid in California to be seen sporting Mars brand Mini’s in her lunchbox.  And one of the drawers in the kitchen of our home is dubbed “the chocolate drawer”.

A few years ago, reading this book made me laugh, made me cry, and rekindled my obsession with trying one of everything.

Behold the trio of deliciousness below:

“Triple Chocolate Twix” you say? “I’ve never heard of such a flavor. ”

Pshaw! In my childhood there was a similar flavor.  In fact! There were 4 different flavors of Twix: caramel (the now “standard” flavor), peanut butter, cookies’n’creme, and chocolate fudge.  The first of those 4 was the only Twix available until recently when the peanut butter regained regular distribution. And now they’ve [re-]introduced a confectionery delight similar to the chocolate fudge version I knew and loved.  Unfortunately, this Triple Chocolate Twix does not meet expectations.  It could be that my taste in chocolate has changed with age (most certainly), but I think the failure on the part of this new Twix is in the remaking of what was a successful treat.  The Chocolate Fudge Twix bar had a fudge-like (go figure) topping on the shortbread cookie – win! – where the Triple Chocolate Twix has chocolate caramel topping a chocolate cookie – meh.

I believe that the trouble lies in the implied promise that this new cookie confection is bursting in chocolate flavor, and it is not.  Twix! Bring back the flavors of my youth!! (And mail me a sample of your new Java flavor.)