12 06 2013

Omg, the CSA is beautiful today!

Eggs, strawberries, apricots, summer squash, arugula, (giant) radishes, potatoes, mustard greens, Dino kale, parsley, onions, a big bag of basil, and there were collards but I swapped them for more radishes.




10 06 2013


Last fall I tried again with the allium family. We eat onions and shallots and garlic and leeks all year long; they are a staple I can always use more of. Previous attempts to plant them, though, had not met with success. Until this year! The leeks didn’t survive, we got a couple small onions, and the garlic isn’t heading up the way I’d like, but the shallots! Quite the bounty.

After pulling, I “cured” them by letting them sit, with greens on, in the turned off oven for a week. Then I clipped the tops and roots off and hope to keep them in a cool dry place for a few months. Assuming we don’t eat them all before that time. 🙂