Old school food marketing

19 04 2012

Do you ever wonder why pigs are pork when we eat them? or cows beef? sheep mutton? I always assumed it was because someone squeamish about eating an animal they liked wanted an out clause.  But raisins takes things in a whole other direction.

Eggs, spinach, lettuces, oranges, fennel, dill, stir-fry mix, radishes, turnips, and RAISINS.

I think the campaign to rename prunes is ridiculous.




2 responses

19 04 2012
Mr. Fed Up

Nice post…makes me start thinking…

I may have to “rant” about this on my site,

I already have a bunch of posts about “modern” marketing and how it can screw with such good things.
My most recent annoyance:

20 04 2012

But raisin is the French word for grape! 🙂

I agree though – “dried plum”? Eff you. It’s a prune. And it’s GROSS.

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