Old school food marketing

19 04 2012

Do you ever wonder why pigs are pork when we eat them? or cows beef? sheep mutton? I always assumed it was because someone squeamish about eating an animal they liked wanted an out clause.  But raisins takes things in a whole other direction.

Eggs, spinach, lettuces, oranges, fennel, dill, stir-fry mix, radishes, turnips, and RAISINS.

I think the campaign to rename prunes is ridiculous.


CSA and a poem

4 04 2012

Today is a veggie CSA day and it’s roots! Beets, carrots, turnips, and French Breakfast radishes. Mmmmm….I swapped a bag of stir-fry mix for an extra bunch of radishes in the swap box. We also got lemons, oranges, chives, lettuce, green garlic, spinach and eggs:

Whenever I think of radishes, I always hear this in my head: