What have you been up to?

30 03 2012

I’ve been super crazy at work. Doing some crafty things that I couldn’t put online because they were Christmas presents. Super duper sick (so that I sound like that sexy whiskey voice Sarah Vaughan). And reading ANIMALS TALKING IN ALL CAPS. A lot. Really. When I can barely function, I stare at what that whacky man has to offer.

And singing songs like this one:

What have YOU been up to?




4 responses

31 03 2012

Well, now I’m singing that song too.

1 04 2012

I’ve been waiting for you to blog again. 😛

I hope you’ll be all better soon. I caught that cold that everyone and their mother (including my own) had a while back, and yeah…the damn cough hung around FOREVERRRRRR.

2 04 2012

All work and no play in 2012 so far. Booo. Tons of travel. Not enough sleep or taking care of myself. April is a new leaf… including getting a blog post up soon! And researching casserole recipes. 🙂

3 04 2012

New leaf is good! We want our Emma healthy and happy 🙂

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