Tray from across the way

5 09 2011

I love snacky foods. And setting out little tastes of a lot of things when friends come over. So I was very excited to discover that my good friend Amber does too! She calls it “tray” and I was lucky enough to enjoy one with her (and friends) at her summer home last month.

We have a couple folks coming over for a back yard bbq today, and I put this tray together:

Strawberries, green Greek olives, cubed pepper jack cheese (childhood favorite!), herbs de provence coated salami, pistacios, bread and butter pickles, ho-made pickled carrots, and 2 wheels of cheese from the Nicasio Valley Cheese Company, a Formagella,and a Foggy Morning, which we’ll be enjoying with the last gravenstein apples of the season.




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6 09 2011

Tray from waaaaay across the way: In case you and Justin ever find yourselves wandering about the south of France and wanting a nosh.

(I may have sent this link to you before. I’ve sent it to many people. In my fantasy world where I am 1) healthy and 2) not deathly terrified of air travel and 3) have, y’know, money, I would go here.)

7 09 2011

I LOVE cheese on Tray, but SOME of us at River don’t eat cheese so we try to keep it limited. It sure was nice having you.

7 09 2011

That tray in France looks wonderful, Alison.

And a tray without cheese? Sacrilegious.

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