Webify – funny marketing tools on the web

30 08 2011

Amusing little thing to play with this morning that I’m sure is all about capturing information about how people use the internet. I’m game (they’re clickable on the site):




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30 08 2011

That was fun, even though some of mine are so wrong it’s funny (I’m apparently a partier and a traveler…uhhhhhh yeah no.) But that always happens with multiple-choice questions…you end up choosing the answer that is the least wrong one πŸ˜›

Here’s mine: https://webifyme.org/en-US/collage/97220f6c6655/

31 08 2011

Love it, Alison. You are such a partier. Also – a rainbow friendship bracelet? Really? πŸ™‚

31 08 2011

Yeah, I got earphones because I know about all the best concerts. But I don’t even listen to music online, and I don’t think there was a question about that.

2 09 2011

rainbow friendship bracelet = GAY

of course

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