Old friends

31 07 2011

One of the things that I really remember from my childhood are the amazing adventures of my good friends Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy.

We were up at my Nanny’s house yesterday and there were a few of the old tomes out (for the young ones over for the Curry Feast):

I remember reading about cookie bushes, strawberry icicle grottoes, and hot dog trees that grow over griddle rocks with mustard springs. Maybe they were the beginning of my fascination with food? Or maybe the first evidence, since all I seem to remember is the food. 🙂




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1 08 2011

I can remember the smell of the binding of the green Andy adventures on the far left: that sort of glue and paper smell? I had all of those exact same books, but I did not preserve them with the same care as you and your Nanny did. So amazing.

1 08 2011

Mom tells me we have the rest of them too!

1 08 2011


1 08 2011

I had Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, but I don’t think I ever had any books – jealous!

(Also, “cookie bush”. lolz)

2 05 2012

Do you happen to know which book has the hot dog trees in it? It would be a lot to me if you knew!

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