A wonderful CSA day

13 07 2011

I have been bad about chronicling our CSA boxes over the last month but I couldn’t resist arranging everything that came today into a lovely pile of deliciousness:

Lavender! Mmmm…and I had to shove it under my armpit on the bike ride home so I smell divine. At least, one armpit does.

We also got strawberries, plums, chiogga beets, summer squash, a savoy cabbage, arugula, basil, turnips, onions, and purple “viking” potatoes. Whatever that means.

I’m really not a big fan of plums (but I love prunes…weird), so last year I made plum cake, and that is what I will likely do again. Yes. Yes, I will.




One response

13 07 2011

I agree…you had a wonderful day getting such great produce. I love plum cake also but try looking for a recipe for plum tart. I have one but it is at our home in New Hampshire and we are now at our summer cottage in Maine; otherwise I would have linked to it. A plum tart will have more of the prune taste that you like. The plums will caramelize to a delicious stickiness.

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