Old friends

31 07 2011

One of the things that I really remember from my childhood are the amazing adventures of my good friends Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy.

We were up at my Nanny’s house yesterday and there were a few of the old tomes out (for the young ones over for the Curry Feast):

I remember reading about cookie bushes, strawberry icicle grottoes, and hot dog trees that grow over griddle rocks with mustard springs. Maybe they were the beginning of my fascination with food? Or maybe the first evidence, since all I seem to remember is the food. 🙂



31 07 2011

I have been listening to Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass pretty much nonstop since Thursday. I blame Emily.

Also, videos in the 60s were hilarious.

Patterns on the web

29 07 2011

Love this: Make This Look!

Drinking tomatoes

24 07 2011

The hubby and I went out for a dinner date on Friday at a semi-fancy place we like quite a bit called Range. We had all sorts of delicious food but the stand out was actually a cocktail called the Sungold Zinger. Made with 209 gin, sungold tomatoes, agave, and lemon, I knew we could recreate this amazing taste of summer at home:

The first “sample” batch (shown above) was pretty damn close to the original with just a bit too much gin. Not too much for me, of course, but one of the beauties of this beverage is that even non martini style drinkers, and I dare say non gin drinkers, will have a hard time not slurping this puppy down so fast you’ll wonder how you ended up asleep on the couch at 9pm on a Saturday.

The perfected Tomato Martini recipe:

  • 1 1/2 oz gin (not a London dry style – I used Hendricks; I also think that Old World Spirits, Q, or, of course, 209 would work well)
  • 1 oz pureed and strained sungold tomatoes
  • just shy of 1/2 oz light agave syrup
  • juice from 1/2 a lemon

I will be drinking lots of these.

To make the strained tomato puree, btw, I blendered the crap out of a couple clamshells worth of sungold tomatoes (and a few regular old red cherry toms I had on the counter) and then strained them though a metal mesh strainer, stirring them with a spoon to get the most liquid out before setting aside the remaining mush to spread on toast with liberal amounts of salt and maybe some ricotta cheese.

And to go with the next round of Tomato Martinis that I’ll be enjoying in the sunny backyard this afternoon with friends, the hubby has been busy at work this morning repeating this genius.

As my father always used to say: “I wonder what the poor people are doing tonight!”

The words we speak

22 07 2011

Chow has a funny post today: The 78 Most Annoying Words to Read in a Restaurant Review. I notice phenomenal isn’t on the list. “Falls off the bone” is. There are a few on there I think I’ll be adding to my TV viewing drinking game fun…


A wonderful CSA day

13 07 2011

I have been bad about chronicling our CSA boxes over the last month but I couldn’t resist arranging everything that came today into a lovely pile of deliciousness:

Lavender! Mmmm…and I had to shove it under my armpit on the bike ride home so I smell divine. At least, one armpit does.

We also got strawberries, plums, chiogga beets, summer squash, a savoy cabbage, arugula, basil, turnips, onions, and purple “viking” potatoes. Whatever that means.

I’m really not a big fan of plums (but I love prunes…weird), so last year I made plum cake, and that is what I will likely do again. Yes. Yes, I will.

Fun memes

8 07 2011

Remember when I made this over at the icanhascheeseburger genius?

Well. If you wondered what the hell I was talking about, I invite you to review the history of our dear Lolrus.