Hair crisis

22 06 2011

I am having a hair crisis. It’s in that in boring phase where I think “grow it out?” “cut it all off again?” I just can’t decide. But whatever I have right now is lame. I have had many hairstyles over the last 10 years: pigtails, the “exploded cigar”, a mulledour – half mohawk half pompadour, long in front short in back (the reverse mullet), pixie, skater chick, and everything in between. What do you think?

The pigtails aren’t worth revisiting; imagine center part and blushable comments about handlebars.

The exploded cigar: smooth and long in front, tucked behind the ear with a short, messy, full of product back.

(drinking w/ Dad on my 26th)

The mulledour: about 3 inches of much longer hair all the way from my fourhead (or is that a fivehead?) to the nape of my neck.

Long in front was really more about a couple pieces in the very front that were inches longer than the rest…sort of a bob?

Pixie and skater chick are sort of the same. It’s about the bang length…

(I was thinking it would be funny to post only pictures of me drinking but then I got distracted.)

Also – I should point out that in my vision of growing my hair out, there is a lot of “should I have bangs” and “maybe I’ll have a long braid and be all grandma-in-the-farmer-style goodness”. Which is to say: growing it out seems dangerous.




4 responses

23 06 2011

I like the little bob look on you, and have always liked the general style you’ve had since I’ve known you. As for bangs…that’s a harder choice. I’d say no bangs with the bob (that would be *too* girly, I think) but yes bangs with the pixie/skater chick style you’ve had.

I don’t know if you’ve also considered color, but I always thought you’d look super cute with some reddish hue in your locks 🙂

23 06 2011

I really tried to evaluate these, but kept finding myself liking the ones (any of the ones) where you are drinking. NOT OBJECTIVE. WRONG CRITERIA. Also: EASILY DISTRACTED and VENDOR WITH THE WARES.

23 06 2011

Thanks, Friends! I have decided to leave it for now. We’ll see how I feel a few weeks out. I’ll still be drinking, in any case.

I have absolutely done red before and love it but don’t love the upkeep. Maybe now that I only wash my hair once a week it would be easier to maintain (it washes out in weeks, I tell you!) Hmmmm….

23 06 2011

That is certainly true about red. I went red a couple times myself (once all over, once streaks) and it quickly goes coppery/orangey which never looks good. But maybe like…a more natural auburn kinda thing? I don’t know. Your hair being such a different natural color from mine, I am not sure how it would take to various shades…

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