9 06 2011

I love buttons. I have a strange addiction to collecting them (just like jars) because I am drawn to them aesthetically and because they “might be useful someday”. Closet hoarder behavior…but that’s a topic for another day. Today I have a fun video for you, highlighted by the crew over at Craft, a place I’d love to work for (hire me, please!), even though the commute to Sebastopol would be a pain in the butt. Enjoy!




5 responses

9 06 2011

Yeah, but unlike scary hoarders, I bet your button collection is all neat and orderly in jars or boxes or whatnot 🙂

9 06 2011

Also, if you worked there you could just move back to Petaluma – yay! 😀

9 06 2011

It’s true – they are (surprise, surprise) organized in jars. 🙂

22 06 2011

Who knew that Sebastopol harbored such modern crafty people such as those at Craftzine? When I lived there crafting consisted of beaded hemp jewelry and crochet snoods.

23 06 2011

There is still plenty of hemp. I haven’t seen a snood in years, though!

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