Living the high life

23 06 2011

We grilled lamb chops and potatoes for dinner and we ate them out on the picnic table in the yard with some peach brandy iced teas. Just sayin’.

And we had our first chicken pick up with Dinner Bell Farms today! We got 3 chickens and are very excited to eat them. I already had plans for all 3 but when we went to pick them up we met one of the chicken farmers, Paul, and he was so fun, and so happy to tell us about the recipes they had included in the newsletter, that we may just follow his advice! I’ll keep you posted.

While we were at Mission Pie, where the chicken pick up was, there was another vendor selling his wares: Josey himself, from Josey Baker Bread. How could I resist a fresh sourdough loaf? I couldn’t. And I’ve already eaten 2 pieces (while waiting for the potatoes to par boil. Stupid potatoes.) SO GOOD!

Back to that delicious dinner: Marin Sun Farms lamb rack chops rubbed with oil, Garam Masala (this recipe), salt, and pepper. Do not scrimp on the salt. Grilled to medium rare. And the potatoes are from last week’s Eatwell Farm CSA, parboiled and then tossed with olive oil, ginger, and coriander, before being skewered and grilled for flava. YUM!

Now I’m off to go watch bad TV and snuggle with the hubby on the couch.


Hair crisis

22 06 2011

I am having a hair crisis. It’s in that in boring phase where I think “grow it out?” “cut it all off again?” I just can’t decide. But whatever I have right now is lame. I have had many hairstyles over the last 10 years: pigtails, the “exploded cigar”, a mulledour – half mohawk half pompadour, long in front short in back (the reverse mullet), pixie, skater chick, and everything in between. What do you think?

The pigtails aren’t worth revisiting; imagine center part and blushable comments about handlebars.

The exploded cigar: smooth and long in front, tucked behind the ear with a short, messy, full of product back.

(drinking w/ Dad on my 26th)

The mulledour: about 3 inches of much longer hair all the way from my fourhead (or is that a fivehead?) to the nape of my neck.

Long in front was really more about a couple pieces in the very front that were inches longer than the rest…sort of a bob?

Pixie and skater chick are sort of the same. It’s about the bang length…

(I was thinking it would be funny to post only pictures of me drinking but then I got distracted.)

Also – I should point out that in my vision of growing my hair out, there is a lot of “should I have bangs” and “maybe I’ll have a long braid and be all grandma-in-the-farmer-style goodness”. Which is to say: growing it out seems dangerous.

Do you know what time it is?

16 06 2011

Martini time.


9 06 2011

I love buttons. I have a strange addiction to collecting them (just like jars) because I am drawn to them aesthetically and because they “might be useful someday”. Closet hoarder behavior…but that’s a topic for another day. Today I have a fun video for you, highlighted by the crew over at Craft, a place I’d love to work for (hire me, please!), even though the commute to Sebastopol would be a pain in the butt. Enjoy!


3 06 2011

After doing a little research, it turns out that radishes are really good for cleansing the blood and liver. I should probably be eating lots of radishes….

And I should probably not eat them every morning on buttered toast with salt. Even though that is such a delicious way to cleanse my blood after an evening of martinis.

Certain Sustenance Arrival

2 06 2011

No. That’s not what it stands for. But it has been a bountiful week in the CSA world. We received our veggie box CSA:

Green garlic, lots of lettuce, kale, basil, tarragon?, beets, new onions, eggs, breakfast radishes, cherries, and strawberries. What do YOU do with breakfast radishes? The only thing I know to do is eat them on toast with butter and salt…

In other news, Moonpie and I pulled all the carrots the other day:

Maybe I’ll make soup?

Also – I got our meat CSA but I thought maybe those pictures weren’t that exciting (or enticing) so the list, without picture, is! 3 lbs ground beef, 1 lb ground lamb, and 6 lamb chops from a loin roast. Plus! I ordered 4lbs sweet Italian sausage and 1 lb hot Italian sausage.  Can’t wait to grill those on our new grill….