Happy Friday!!

20 05 2011

California Style

10 05 2011

This weekend, the lovely Moonpie took me to Old World Spirits down in Belmont for a tasting and cocktail lesson with the owner of the distillery. It was super fun – bike riding, taking the train, enjoying the sunshine, laughing a lot…and drinking!  We tried both of their absinthes (traditional and blue), their walnut liquor, an eux de vie, and their “California gin” Blade. Of course I loved the gin – citrusy and balanced, it makes a great martini. At the tasting they made the martini with absolutely no vermouth and using orange and lemon zest instead of the more traditional twist. It was tasty and refreshing, but I prefer it with a bit of Dolin dry. And that zest? A pain in the ass to drink around.

Next time I’ll stick with a twist.

Old World Spirits is open to the public for tastings on the last Friday of the month.

New project

9 05 2011

I’ve been working on a new quilting project and finally have it all mapped and measured! I’ll be in the craft room for the next few evenings…

I love strawberries

4 05 2011

When I was a little girl I had a fantastic dress that my mom made for me that I called my Strawberry Shortcake dress and wore all the time. It was a layered dress, as is so popular today, with alternating white and pink strawberry fabric and puffed sleeves. I also had Strawberry Shortcake sheets, and dolls, and books. Remember when kids read books and didn’t just watch cartoons? Yeah.

Anyway, I love strawberries. And I love our CSA!

Today’s score: 2 baskets of strawberries, oranges, marjoram, parsley, lemons, snap peas, green garlic, stir-fry mix, young red onions, carrots, and Tokyo turnips.