Easter Egg Fun

22 04 2011

I have always been a big fan of Easter eggs. I love to color them. I love to eat them (especially in a tea sandwich with red onion while sitting in the park wearing a new outfit and watching the Hunky Jesus contest). But I especially love to hide them. When I was a kid, I always hid the eggs. I was really good at it and we always used real eggs…so after the first year we lost one and the dog found and ate it after it was rotten and gross a week later, I also always made a map of every egg I had hidden so that I could check on the progress of the neighborhood kids near the end of the day. Anyone need an egg hider for the weekend?

Every year I like to hide a bunch of plastic candy filled eggs around the office and see how long it takes my professional colleagues to a) discover there are eggs hidden, and b) find them all. I re-use any eggs that come back to me the previous year and then usually buy a couple dozen new eggs.

Since I get to the office much earlier than most folks, it’s pretty easy to wander around hiding eggs in our common spaces. There are a couple people in at 7:30 so I carry around a brown bag to potentially hide what I’m up to.


Happy hunting!




5 responses

23 04 2011

I remember last year you hid one on a printer and the chocolate got all melty inside 😛

I hope there will be pictures of your new outfit?

24 04 2011

Sadly, with the rain I am not heading out for egg and Hunky Jesus festivities. But I am enjoying some egg sandwiches and crochet time. And listening to awesome 80s music. Life is still good.

24 04 2011

Aw, too bad about the rain, but I’m glad you found other ways to celebrate this holy day of bunny sex and sugar rushes 🙂

8 05 2011

This is THE BEST.

9 05 2011
Amy Berner

I sure wish I worked where you work around Easter time. This is SO COOL.

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