The point of gardening

19 03 2011

In addition to the stress relieving activities of weeding, digging, planting, and watering, and sometimes getting some food out of the deal, one of the best fruits of a gardener’s labor are flowers:

Tulips and freesias are two of my favorite flowers. The daffodils and purple crocuses look great together in the yard.  And of course I love the calas too.

Our fall planting is doing relatively well. Being new at this, I figure if we get to eat half of what we plant it’s worth it. The beets are refusing to grow, even after 2 rounds of planting. I blame the slugs and snails. But the kohlrabi and arugula are doing fantastic:

At least…I think the kohlrabi is doing fantastic…I don’t really know, not having grown it before. It certainly looks happy in the foreground of the above picture.

The arugula has been incorporated into many a meal at this point (and I’m still at war with the neighborhood cat that will not stop digging up the carrots planted right behind):

How long does a cabbage take to grow? I have no idea but this one looks promising:

And we’ve had a few unexpected additions, thanks to the rain and a rotting stump hanging out in the border:

Now if only we could get our mud patch of a yard to be grass again…




One response

21 03 2011
Laura Pierce

Fancy Vases you have there; your garden looks great!

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