18 03 2011

I am a strong believer in having different brands of booze for different applications. Want a martini with a twist? I recommend Hendricks. But a gin and tonic must be made with Tanqueray (and not that sweet Tanqueray 10 business). How about a Manhattan? I absolutely must have Vya vermouth and Luxardo cherries if I am even going to bother. I mean…others will do…in a bar setting or whathaveyou. But if I’m making it at home? The bar must be stocked.

One of my new favorite gins is perfect in any citrusy based cocktail. An Aviation, or even the delicious Salty Dog, which I’ve been enjoying quite a bit lately:

Cut up a lime and rub a wedge around the rim of your highball glass. Roll the edge of the glass in a coarse salt (I use sea salt). Add 2 oz Quintessential gin (only recently made available to the common consumer like you and me), top off with fresh grapefruit juice, and squeeze the rest of your lime wedge in to the drink.





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