Our ginger pup

17 03 2011

On March 17th, while other people are celebrating with Guinness, green, pinches, and shamrocks, we celebrate the anniversary of the day that Carmella joined our lives. It’s been 4 amazing years since she ditched the dirty hippie kids at CellSpace and joined our little family.

Carm likes lots of things. She likes the park:

She likes to snuggle:

She likes her walrus:

She likes reading magazines at friends’ houses:

She likes playing with friends in the yard:

And she likes napping, especially with mom, and especially in the sunshine:

She also likes wearing outfits, having parties, playing, making an obstacle course of the backyard (around the tree, under the table and benches, through the screen door, around the coffee table, and loop, at full tilt), and hiking and other outdoor adventures.

She hates having her picture taken:

Happy Birthday Carm!!


Did I mention naps?





3 responses

17 03 2011

Oh. Em. Gee. I am weepy. That’s one nice pup there.

17 03 2011

She likes greeting me (and I assume others) with waggles and woofs and cute little growly noises 🙂

Happy birthday, Miss Carmella!

18 03 2011
Laura Pierce

oh… Alison must be very special to get cute little growly noises!
love the photos… of our grand-dog. happy birthday to all!

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