Better than chocolate

10 03 2011

Guess what I found yesterday.

A big beautiful bottle of Bulleit’s new spirit: Bulleit Rye. Of course it had to be tasted immediately. On it’s own it is very spicy. I thought it might be good with a splash of water or with an ice cube or two but really it was screaming for fruit. FRUIT!! Vya sweet vermouth and a Luxardo cherry to be specific. And a dash of bitters. That’s right friends! A Manhattan. The perfect American cocktail.

And. It. Was. Delicious.

We also got our CSA for the week: oranges, tangerines, dandelion greens, stir fry mix (which I tossed in the swap box), green garlic, savoy cabbage, leeks, celeriac, apples, carrots, eggs, and that brown bag is dried peaches.

(Those are breakfast cookies in the background. Something for another post…)




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11 03 2011

Booya. That is what I am talking about. Rye whiskey.

11 03 2011
11 03 2011

Holy crap that soup looks delicious.

11 03 2011

I’m sure by this point in the season you’re just about all leafy-greened out, but that stir fry mix was pretty delicious. Sauteed it tonight with garlic and chili flake and served with soy steamed cod over rice. Noms.

WTF does one do with dandelion greens?

12 03 2011

Use them like any other cooking green: mixed w/ pasta and cheese, sauteed w/ bacon and onion, in a frittata (my theme). But don’t ever serve them to Justin; he made me promise that he never had to eat flowers again after the last time.

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