9 03 2011

Easter time is my favorite candy holiday. Not favorite holiday – favorite holiday themed candy time. The all time best junk candy ever is Cadbury Mini Eggs. Available once a year (shhhh about those Christmas ones in 2010, Ms. Whatnot), these little solid milk chocolates with a crisp sugar shell are something that I just can’t live through March without.

I would argue that the “crisp sugar shell” tastes a bit like malted milk to me. I can make myself sick eating these puppies. In even color distribution, of course: one yellow, one pink, one white. I like to save up the blue ones because they actually look real.

I used to eat one of these every year because I thought I had to for tradition:

But it turns out they are actually vile and I will not eat one ever again. (As a side note: there are lots of really disgusting pictures of Cadbury Creme Eggs on the internet.)

A newbie that isn’t quite Easter related, but was just released so you know they are hoping to capitalize on the Easter candy craze, is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Minis, which apparently they have to tell you are unwrapped in the title:

These are actually quite tasty. But in March my candy calories are all earmarked for those delicious Mini Eggs. Crack in a bag, I tell ya.




2 responses

9 03 2011

I, too, ate many creme eggs until I realized how gross they were. And then I stopped. I might like the mini-cups but only if they were wrapped.

11 03 2011

I just polished off my first bag of the season. Damn you, Cadbury, and your crispy shell technology!

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