Faux Amour

9 03 2011

Every month a (hilarious) newsletter is sent out by the police station in our neighborhood, outlining the activities of note in the district. The location of each action is noted and on the corner closest to us? It is almost always Faux Amour.

“Officer Salvador arrested a soiled dove and her paramour for engaging in a sad, shabby substitute for amour.”

“Decoy Officer Dickson was solicited for an act of prostitution by a wannabe paramour, who was then arrested…”

The aggressors are called things like craven criminal, truculent thug, suspicious scoundrels skulking suspiciously, surly sinister, and vile vandals, and are accused of tawdry acts, peddling pernicious poison, lacking in basic decency, and possessing concealed daggers.

And they are often “brought to justice.”




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