My Mom

8 03 2011

Yesterday was my mom’s 62nd birthday. I thought all day about writing a blog post for her and what it would say. And I came up with lots of ideas but none of them felt like enough. Really, I just want to say how lucky I feel to have her in my life. She is a beautiful, talented, supportive, generous, loving, funny person. And I am continually surprised and inspired by her.

Growing up she and dad defied gender roles from the very beginning. He stayed home with me and she went to work in pink, shoulder padded, power suits. She fixed things. She never told me I couldn’t do something. She never told me I was fat. She did tell me it was too bad my nose was so small. 🙂

Here are the folks on their wedding day; it’s a picture that I keep on my desk at work.

She has always been a passionate woman, with artistic hobbies and professions. When I was very little, she was a photographer (she’s never stopped taking pictures). This has been a favorite picture of mine for most of my life:

When she was being the corporate lady, she also took up gardening. We lived in suburbs where ours was the only house without a lawn; she built hills with trees and flowers, rose and geranium gardens, and creeks and patios, and all sorts of non traditional suburb garden spaces. And now her passion is rug hooking and sharing that passion with others. She is an artist, teacher, rug camp director, blogger, and student. Look how cute she is!

Self portraits are always fascinating. I love that her self portraits include the artistic medium she is working most with at the time. It adds something to the snapshot:

In my life today I enjoy time with my mom on a regular basis. We have craft day with Nanny once a month, I’ve started being her assistant at one of the rug camps she directs (come on – Feb 2012 – you know you want to),  and what I most enjoy is how easy it is to hang out together and talk about whatever.

I don’t know that we’ve ever had a traditional mother daughter relationship, but it certainly seems like whatever we have is pretty awesome.

Happy Birthday Mom!




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8 03 2011
Laura Pierce

wow! gosh! thanks!

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