What a difference a week makes

7 02 2011

I was nervous about the garden this last week. We were on vacation and I knew the weather would turn warm. Luckily, the plants seem to be A-OK in the water dept now that they’ve received a welcome back soaking. The calas are gorgeous of course:

And some of the tulips I planted right before we left are already inches above the ground (in front of the staghorn’s stump-stand)!

(Can anyone tell me why my artichokes keep laying down their outermost leaves?)

The rose is doing well, the daffodils up, the crocuses blooming, and the freesias and thyme looking great:

Also – the lemon tree is blooming at last:

I have lost another battle in the war I am in with the neighborhood cat that has decided my veggie bed is its new litter box. Carm has been chasing it out of the yard at night, I (drunkenly) sprayed it with a hose one time, and I thought we were making progress, but I had spread chili flakes all over the area it had been hanging out in before we left and it appears that it just moved to a different row of veggies. Now I’ve lost a bunch of carrots and some cabbage. Bastard cat. I read somewhere that orange oil discourages late night feline garden visits…any other advice?




One response

8 02 2011

They all look so pretty 🙂

We have a big balcony in the new place, I’m looking forward to having some greenery out there. 🙂

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