The butterfly effect

20 01 2011

So we ran out of shower soap (Dr. Bronners Classic Liquid Soap) but instead of shopping at our regular place, Rainbow Grocery, we picked some soap up at a Whole Foods when walking by one – ease! convenience! yuppies with strollers taking up whole isles! When I finally found the Dr. Bronners (which I had to ask for, btw, it was placed so high on the shelf I couldn’t find it even after staring at the soap section for some time; yeah yeah, I’m only 5 ft tall, blah blah blah), they didn’t have our normal “flavor”, citrus, so I picked out the least gross sounding alternative option available: almond. I don’t mind the almond; it reminds me of the hippie chapstick I used as a kid until I discovered that I was allergic to beeswax. It also reminds me of almond croissants. Every day.

Today, I ate all of my lunch and snacks by 10am. And so at 1, decided to go get a snack so I wouldn’t get all hangry at my co-workers. Lo! The farmer’s market was open. A good fruit snack should do the trick!!  But walking down the aisle to peruse the fruit I happened upon a wondrous thing:

The best almond croissant I have eaten ever. If we can really call it a croissant. I mean, there is more almond paste and more sliced almonds on this puppy than I’ve ever experienced in/on a croissant.  Maybe that’s why it was so good?





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