Fiber Arts Camp in Feb 2012

14 01 2011

Come on…you know you want to come hang out with a bunch of crafter ladies with me for a week in Feb of 2012.  Bring anything! The main crew will be doing rug hooking.  I have no idea what kind of fiber craft I’ll be into in 2012 but I’m sure there will be something: crochet, knitting, quilting.

It’s at this gorgeous place:

Steps from the beach.

Learn all the details on my mom’s blog.




4 responses

14 01 2011
14 01 2011

Where do the dog’s ears go?!

14 01 2011

I totally want to come to this…but it’s the worst possible week to miss work-wise. BLAST!

15 01 2011

OMG Asilomar is so beautiful. I would go if I could, and just lay around and tie knots in strings or something. I love Pacific Grove so much.

(Is this my first time commenting on your blog? I think it might be. How weird.)

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