Fun & funny friends

11 01 2011

We have a new blogger in our midst!  …and whatnot is by a crafty friend of mine.

Other blogs by friends (and moms) that I love are:

  • Amber &: keeper of cute kitties (and other animals), office antics, and interpretive dance
  • Exquisite Comics: visual amusements of daily life
  • Laura’s Loop: my mom!rug hooking projects, camps & her amazing photos
  • Revolutionary Grammar: salty variety from tech to dress making and all odd things in between
  • The (not so) Little Things: music, feminist commentary that I actually enjoy & funny little internet gems that can cheer up an otherwise cranky making day

I’m still waiting for blogs by Val & the Dr.  Hop to it, ladies.




3 responses

11 01 2011

Yay! Thanks for the recommendation. I need you to teach me how to create a “blogs I read” widget on my left nav so I can link to you too.

12 01 2011

Ha! Called out…Actually, i’ve been putting in a lot of time and energy in my work blog – so take that! It’s officially live now & I’m so excited – everything you ever wanted to know about seniors, weatherization, aging in place, renovation & repairing and our great community work…so stalk me already. 🙂

12 01 2011

Pfft. A work blog? Please.

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