Show me your teeth

10 01 2011

I have been a bit of a nerd about teeth since my early years. It all started when I got braces (I know, you can barely tell, but one of my early playground nicknames was “rabbit”) and the fear that was struck in my heart by the possibility of having little squares of white where the brackets were if I stained the visible portion of my teeth with bad hygiene practices.  I brushed when I got up, every time I ate, every time I left the house, and other times just for fun.  By the time I was 18, I was actually told by my dentist I needed to chill with the brushing and limit it to 3 times a day. Oh – also I floss. Dentists love me.

(Never you mind those hair wings on the side of my face; the first day I wash my hair it is completely uncontrollable.)


We are big fans of  “natural” products in our household.  Typically they are better for you and the world.  But I just can’t find a good natural toothpaste option.  It’s one of my last holdouts.  (That, and the Clorox bleach pen for my shower grout – miracle!)

We’ve tried a couple options/flavors of the two brands below and apparently I have a slight allergy to one that my dentist says creates “sloughing” of my gums (gross), which really just makes me feel skeezed out and like I have banana smooshed between my teeth even after I floss.  Not good for a teeth obsessed lady.  And the other comes in the MOST HORRIBLY DESIGNED TOOTHPASTE TUBE EVER.

It’s hard to squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out, the tube cracks and breaks, leaking toothpaste out the corners, and it’s just not going to be recycled by most people even though it’s aluminum.

So I am SO EXCITED to hear that this year, Tom’s of Maine is switching to laminate tubes!!

And just in time, too, because I was going to get all “I wish I could quit you” over those tubes.

Oh! Edited:




2 responses

10 01 2011

The most annoying thing about the problems with the Tom’s tube is that it proves that none of their employees actually use it, or if they do, they have just sooooo much free toothpaste lying around that they throw the tube out before it’s done.

10 01 2011

I hadn’t even thought of that but YES. They must be up to their ears in free toothpaste for the stupid aluminum tube to have lasted this long.

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