My 15 minutes

10 01 2011

So, with this new year of blogging, I am embracing my face. You, dear readers and friends, all already know my face so I might as well include it here. No need for secrecy.

And so I thought I would share here a link to the fantastic TV time my face has already had (drinking game fun – every time I say “phenomenal” or someone says “falls off the bone” you drink):

And there was a local news segment about little white folks like me shopping in the Mission district where they would not stop asking me the same question over and over until I said, very Rainman style, “Definitely. Definitely cheaper.” Sadly, I can’t figure out how to make a sharable video off of my DVR taping of said news program.

And in the near future you’ll see me and some friends, in our 80s garb, shaking our booties on: the KOFY dance party!




One response

10 01 2011

Your smile and shrug during your intro is PHENOMENAL.

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