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22 12 2010

One of the things that really makes a drink is the garnish.  Luxardo Marasca style cherries are a wondrous departure from the Americanized Maraschino in Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, Aviations, and more.  They actually taste good! And aren’t made with formaldehyde (note: the whole formaldehyde thing is a myth, but damn if those florescent things don’t taste like a dead thing soaked in sugar).

I was on a mission to procure a jar of said delicious cherries for a friend and lo, my favorite fancy liquor store was out of the little 13 oz jars that’ll set you back $16 bucks a pop. Crap! What to do? Well…being a regular customer has some perks (dear readers – I wonder if it’s wise to admit I am a “regular” at a liquor store, but there you have it. And it’s not like it’s news to any of you.) There has been, almost as a joke, a giant, humongous, 5.6 Kg can of Luxardo cherries at the store for, I don’t know, a year now? Anywho – one of the folks that works there on a regular basis said, never you mind this outrageous price of x, you can have this glorious can for less than half, NO, less than a third of it’s shelf price.

And behold:

A can of cherries the size of my head. Bigger even!

Anyone want some cherries?




7 responses

22 12 2010
Emily Esch

Holy toledo. I can’t wait! I will have yummy bourbon that you can put them in.

23 12 2010

Hee hee. You head is smaller than cherries.

23 12 2010
Laura Pierce

glad you don’t have a dent in your head… similar to the dent in the can! I have some small jars… if you need’em.

23 12 2010

I’ll take you up on that, Mom. Everyone gets cherries for Christmas! 🙂

28 12 2010


12 01 2011

i physically can’t handle how cute this picture is. it hurts damn you.

10 03 2011
Better than chocolate « Erl The Girl's Blog

[…] or with an ice cube or two but really it was screaming for fruit. FRUIT!! Vya sweet vermouth and a Luxardo cherry to be specific. And a dash of bitters. That’s right friends! A Manhattan. The perfect […]

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