Dang it!

6 12 2010

I forgot I was going to post my November search traffic…and now I only have access to the terms searched for from Nov 7th through today.  (Am I an idiot?  How do I do a date range search for info on traffic??)

  • jean quilt/jean quilts/denim quilt all got lots of traffic
  • erlthegirl (looking for me)
  • box pillow (suckers)
  • apt erl timers (a timer of erls? or an apt erl timer?)
  • “even if i’m in another city”
  • brand name chicken wing sauce dip (people love that chicken wing dip)
  • clipper card got lots more hits
  • thanksgiving rainboots (with turkeys on them?)
  • leggy turnips (fellow sufferers)
  • eatwell farms csa (represent!)
  • industrious nature (that’s me!)
  • and my graph paper fantastic “making a tree out of lights” started helping people out too.

Strangely enough, your favorite post this month was Lots of Pictures of Dirt.  I suspect this is Moonpie’s doing.  Or? You’re all just really into dirt.




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