With a song

22 12 2010

One of the things that really makes a drink is the garnish.  Luxardo Marasca style cherries are a wondrous departure from the Americanized Maraschino in Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, Aviations, and more.  They actually taste good! And aren’t made with formaldehyde (note: the whole formaldehyde thing is a myth, but damn if those florescent things don’t taste like a dead thing soaked in sugar).

I was on a mission to procure a jar of said delicious cherries for a friend and lo, my favorite fancy liquor store was out of the little 13 oz jars that’ll set you back $16 bucks a pop. Crap! What to do? Well…being a regular customer has some perks (dear readers – I wonder if it’s wise to admit I am a “regular” at a liquor store, but there you have it. And it’s not like it’s news to any of you.) There has been, almost as a joke, a giant, humongous, 5.6 Kg can of Luxardo cherries at the store for, I don’t know, a year now? Anywho – one of the folks that works there on a regular basis said, never you mind this outrageous price of x, you can have this glorious can for less than half, NO, less than a third of it’s shelf price.

And behold:

A can of cherries the size of my head. Bigger even!

Anyone want some cherries?


Back to (my) roots

16 12 2010

Ha ha. I mean vegetables. It’s CSA week! And this week is the start of the season of delicious root veggies: beets, carrots, sweet potatoes.  Plus we got spinach, lettuce, celery, dill, persimmons, oranges, butternut squash, eggs, and broccoli.


Those sweet potatoes made some delicious sweet potato fries:

  • cut into fry shapes
  • toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, & a healthy bit of cumin
  • spread out on a hot cookie sheet in roast a 400 degree oven for 30 minutes
  • enjoy (we enjoyed ours with malt vinegar mayo)

I miss movies!

15 12 2010

I used to watch movies. I worked at a movie theater for years! I can thread a projector or make popcorn like nobodies’ business. But there is something about watching movies for free for years that ruins you for the $10+ you have to spend now. I’ll get over it someday I’m sure. I certainly have no problem dropping that much on a drink now and again. Priorities.

Anyway. Here’s something to love about the internet today:

Current favorite snack

13 12 2010

Goat cheese and ho-made panforte.


Dang it!

6 12 2010

I forgot I was going to post my November search traffic…and now I only have access to the terms searched for from Nov 7th through today.  (Am I an idiot?  How do I do a date range search for info on traffic??)

  • jean quilt/jean quilts/denim quilt all got lots of traffic
  • erlthegirl (looking for me)
  • box pillow (suckers)
  • apt erl timers (a timer of erls? or an apt erl timer?)
  • “even if i’m in another city”
  • brand name chicken wing sauce dip (people love that chicken wing dip)
  • clipper card got lots more hits
  • thanksgiving rainboots (with turkeys on them?)
  • leggy turnips (fellow sufferers)
  • eatwell farms csa (represent!)
  • industrious nature (that’s me!)
  • and my graph paper fantastic “making a tree out of lights” started helping people out too.

Strangely enough, your favorite post this month was Lots of Pictures of Dirt.  I suspect this is Moonpie’s doing.  Or? You’re all just really into dirt.

CSA…in December?

1 12 2010

One of the wonderful things about living in California is the year round farm bounty.  Our veggie CSA operates all year and with the raised popularity comes an increase in the variety in our boxes.  Gone are the months of nothing but sweet potatoes and kale, although we will certainly have an abundance of those come February, and, hopefully, here to stay are the boxes in December with tasty goodies like in this week’s box: spinach, eggs, red lettuce, broccoli, French breakfast radishes (great sliced and salted on good bread with a thick layer of butter), watermelon radishes, Napa cabbage, collards, apples, potatoes, a spaghetti squash, and pomegranates.