Making a Christmas tree of lights

30 11 2010

We decided to forgo an actual tree this year but still wanted to decorate the apartment in the Christmas spirit. So the rubber tree and indoor palm both got some red and white ball style ornaments and I put up a Christmas tree made with pushpins and lights.

(Dang is it hard to take a picture of lights with an iPhone.)

You will need:

  • 20 or so pushpins
  • a strand of white lights
  • 2 or more strands of green lights (mine were 70 ft ea)
  • an extension cord (optional)

Find a plug in your house if you are not using battery powered lights. This is important. Most of the places in our apartment that we wanted to put the tree wouldn’t work because of the lack of an available power source.

Once you have identified where you will put the tree, measure your space.  We had room for a 4 foot wide, 8 foot tall tree in our entry way.  I ended up putting the tree partially on the hall closet door; the door is still usable but I did have to put the push pins on top of the looped lights on the door to make them stay with the opening and closing.

Using some graph paper, map out where your pushpins will go for your tree:

Then figure out how you want your star to look and include that on your paper:

Test your lights first. If you don’t and they don’t work you will be cranky and frustrated and feel like Scrooge.

Starting with the male plug from the string of white lights at the bottom right corner of your star, wrap your white lights around the star shape until you run out of lights. Tuck the end of the strand into your star:

Then, plugging the male end of your string of white lights into your first string of green lights, start weaving your green lights back and forth between the pins, leaving a little give for draping, adding in the second (or more) strand of lights as you go:

Now plug that puppy in, pour yourself a festive beverage, and sing Tra-la-la! Your tree is up!!




2 responses

30 11 2010

I am completely blown away by the graph paper charts. AMAZING.

Also, the tree is nice.

1 12 2010

tra la la la la… lala la la

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