Industrious by Nature

21 11 2010

I read a poem when I was little about my name:

Industrious by nature;
rests when done.
Gives others credit;
the flattering one.

Power of suggestion? Who knows. But I definitely was industrious this weekend!  While my poor little garden was getting beat to smithereens by the storm the last few days, (right), I made a enough stuffed shells to feed us until Thanksgiving, and tackled a huge list of home projects:

  • clean out and reorganize all the kitchen cabinets and furniture
  • make a curtain to cover the cabinet missing a door (it came with a door but the door was 2 inches narrower than the cabinet opening – duh)
  • clean out and reorganize the hall closet
  • finish my major reorganization of the 2nd bedroom which included: a sewing stash purge, complete overhaul of the closet, and moving the tool chest items from the hall closet to the bedroom closet

And one of the more satisfying of the projects – taking every item out of the refrigerator and pantry and putting them back:

Sigh. I love organizing.




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