Lady! I’m busy shopping.

16 11 2010

I was at my favorite (spendy) fabric store the other day and the woman helping me find jacket lining fabric was asked for directions she couldn’t give.  Luckily I was there!

Our friendly tourist wanted to get from Britex to the Fairmont Hotel “on the hill” via “trolley”.

Out the door, turn right, walk to Powell and turn left. Catch the cable car at Market.  I thought about telling her she could catch it at Geary but that seemed too complicated…and besides – why ride the cable car for only 4 blocks? For $5!?




2 responses

17 11 2010
Laura Pierce

good grief! Britex? you must be getting ready to make something very special!!

17 11 2010

Oh, I shop on the top floor in the remnant section. 🙂 I did need special lining fabric that wasn’t available at my local cheap fabric store.

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