Lots of pictures of dirt

15 11 2010

The veggie garden is coming along and I’m so! excited! that I have to show you a bunch of tiny unidentifiable sprouts.  Bear with me.  I’m sure in a few weeks these updates will get much more exciting.

For visual interest, I’ll start you off with the view from where I sit often, drinking coffee and reading a magazine in the morning, or reading a book in the afternoon (the veggie garden is to the right)…

You can just barely pretend to see the carrots (left) and kohlrabi (right) popping up:

The arugula (left) are chugging along and the turnips (right) are getting way too leggy:

And the soy beans (left and right) are popping out like crazy:

(I tried to do a fun game for you in that shot on the right – find the soy bean! – but it didn’t really work out.)

It has been necessary to weed nasturtiums out of the veggie beds every day. Every day I have at least a handful of them (left) to pull.  And my rose is coming back (right)! Now that the pesky scented geranium was cut way back (and see Mom! it survived and is on it’s way back to taking over).

Prettier pictures next time, I promise.




2 responses

15 11 2010
Laura Pierce

Gosh… pulling out nasturshums? they’re edible you know… wish they’d grow in my yard.

yes… good to see the scented geranium survives!

15 11 2010

I found the photoshop yellow circles very helpful and overall the sprouts were very exciting.

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