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6 11 2010

Today’s portion of the side yard project has been a long time coming.  We have been blocking the area from visiting pooches by propping up a now droopy length of chicken wire.  Lame.  And it makes it hard to get to the garden to weed out the 8 million nasturtiums that are popping up daily in our newly turned soil (bastards!)

After trips to 2 different hardware stores we have the supplies we need.

And the hubby and I worked through the later half of the afternoon into the early twilight hours (hence the weird light on the corner of the fence in the last photo – it lights the path behind our fence from the parking lot to the common patio for our neighbors).

Viola! Or as my dad always says: vie-oh-la! A hinged collapsible fence with chicken wire up to the 3 feet mark.

Oh! And, in exciting news, we have sprouts of soy bean, turnip, arugula & beet.




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7 11 2010
The Dr

It’s a vegetable fortress!

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