Just the stats, ma’am

5 11 2010

October was a busy month here at erlthegirl with visitors numbering in the double digits on more than one day!

The when of the visiting amuses me. The whys too.  Here are the search terms for October in order of frequency of use:

  • erlthegirl
  • lots of butter
  • clipper wageworks
  • bart for clipper wageworks
  • wageworks clipper
  • testicals
  • quilt jeans
  • clipper card defective
  • tomatillo plant
  • cream cheese chicken wing dip
  • clipper card horrible
  • denim quilts
  • erl the girl
  • jean quilt
  • wageworks “clipper card”
  • clipper card bart fast pass wageworks
  • used debit card clipper
  • clipper card caught
  • clipper card blog
  • jean quilts
  • clipper card automatic
  • perfect martini hendricks
  • 70 clipper card

Lots of folks looking for info on the clipper card, people interested in LOTS OF BUTTER, jean quilts, and wait a minute – did that say testicals? Where is testicals even on my blog (until today)?

You’re strange beasts, search engine monsters.




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