Double the CSA goodness

4 11 2010

Every once in a while the every other week veggie box CSA and the once a month meat CSA happen in the same week.  This is one of those weeks.

Behold! Our amazing produce from Eatwell Farm:

Arugula, spinach, stir-fry mix (greens), lettuce, giant red chard!, bell peppers, red cabbage, leeks, apples, potatoes, and eggs.

The chard was so large I couldn’t figure out how to get it in the fridge with all our other goodies so I chopped it up and made a frittata.  Which I am now enjoying for breakfast.  Delicious.

I have no idea what we’ll get in our meat CSA this evening but I am looking forward to the meatloaf and mashed potato dinner that is planned using up the last of last month’s meat and the potatoes from this week and the veggie CSA box of 2 weeks ago.




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4 11 2010

I’m overloaded with greens! Here’s how I coped: I made leek and potato soup with both weeks worth of leeks and old potatoes (to make room for the new), and made freeze some arugula pesto (which will keep in the freezer). Oh, and I also had to chop my chard to put it in the fridge last week, and this week, and now there’s the braising/stir-fry mix. Sunday brunch at Chez Moonpie-Puppet is probably going to involve greens and poached eggs, inspired by the amazing Mission Beach Cafe breakfast.

5 11 2010

Greens, greens, greens! Arugula pesto is a fabulous idea.

Are you inviting me to brunch? Because I have some greens to contribute. 🙂

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