How do they find me?

1 10 2010

I’m totally copying ALH today and posting the search traffic that brings people (strangers – ooooo…eeeeek!) to the Erlthegirl blog because I find it fascinating.

In September we were still very much on a roll with the Clipper searches.  Also – apparently I have my own olive oil.  Who knew?

  1. erlthegirl
  2. jeans quilts
  3. clipper card commuter check
  4. erl olive oil
  5. crutches
  6. clipper load stations
  7. erl girl
  8. clipper card wageworks
  9. how does the clipper pass work?
  10. clipper commuter check
  11. clipper card and wageworks
  12. organized desk cute
  13. my organized desk
  14. $70 clipper card
  15. “akit” clipper -“a kit”
  16. proper+desk+space
  17. clipper “akit” -“a kit”

I wish there was a way to combine like search phrases…




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