The Cookie Project

12 09 2010

This weekend I was lucky enough to be accepted to be a vendor at ForageSF‘s Underground Farmers Market to sell my friend-famous orange and pecan chocolate chip cookie dough.  The catch to making it all happen? I am only a week out from my knee surgery…  I thought very seriously about canceling but some of my AMAZING friends came through and volunteered to make the cookie dough, help me package it, drive me to and from the market, and help me sell it.  So basically, I was just along for the ride.

How does one start a massive cookie making project? With lots and lots of butter.

We were making 30 full batches (to be divided into 100 8-packs to sell and hundreds of cookies as samples) so we started with 30 sticks of unsalted butter.  Butter was our barometer of how far we had come (and was it time for cocktails yet) and how far we had to go.

Sparks (please note the matching apron and sneakers) and V did all the dough making work – assisted by Sir Mix a Lot and Pedro, the 2 Kitchen Aid stand mixers at hand – and I sat at the kitchen cart with my leg up, measuring out and packaging up the dough.

5 hours later, our freezer (and the freezer of nearby friend) looked like this:

Sadly, the market was a bit of a bust on the making money front.  Much thanks to the friends that came out and bought cookie dough – you’re awesome! We were told that the market was much slower than usual (normally 1000 to 2000 people) and the likely culprits were the sunny weather and the SF Power to the Peaceful event that had the same core audience.  I still had loads of fun hanging at the market with Moonpie.  And swapping cookie dough for other vendor treats, like fresh ricotta cheese, was a morale boosting end to the day.

Anyone want some cookie dough?




4 responses

12 09 2010

I’ll take two!

13 09 2010
Laura Pierce

when are you going to make Olive Oil based cookies… for old people like your mother? love the photo with all the butter, but yikes!

sorry to hear it was a money bust… but sounds like you had a great time with your sweety and friends!

13 09 2010

How about olive oil based oatmeal cookies with pine-nuts?

16 09 2010

we were detoured by not having change for the meter and not realizing that you had to pay to get into the market. BUT we would like to buy some dough if you have some leftover.

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