Day in the Life: Home Alone Post Knee Surgery

7 09 2010

Wake up. Crutch groggily into the bathroom. Sponge bath, brush teeth, get dressed, hobble into kitchen.

Hubby left coffee fixins out. Grab kettle. Fill. Lean way over to put on stove without crutching over. Grind coffee and put in filter. Realize the stove isn’t on. Turn on stove. Look over at the cereal box. Lean over as far as possible. Still can’t reach. Crutch across and get cereal box and bring it back to the counter. Pour cereal. Pour milk. Realize I can’t carry cereal with crutches. Eat cereal at counter balancing on one leg. Water boils and I make coffee. Realize I can’t carry coffee to couch. Put coffee mug on the floor as far away as I can reach. Crutch forward. Lean back to pick up coffee and put as far in front of me as possible. Repeat last 2 until at the couch. Sit. Breath. Set crutches to the side and hook up Iceman and ice knee while drinking coffee.

Watch Hoarders. Aaaaaaaa!

I need water. Hold empty coffee cup under chin and crutch to kitchen. Fill cantene – brilliant! Hold with one finger and crutch over to couch. Realize I need to pee. Crutch to bathroom.

Pee and go to wash hands. My shirt is inside out. Fix. Crutch back out to couch.

Pet dog while she runs in her sleep. Figit trying to find a good place for my leg. Figitfigitfigit.

Hubby calls to check on me. 🙂 Cute.

Watch more Hoarders. Aaaaaa!

Damn it! Now I’m hungry.




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7 09 2010

You need him to bring you home one of these:

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