Fancy Dance Moves

9 08 2010

So – I’ll admit it – my ring tone is Weird Al’s White & Nerdy.  And while that brilliantly penned spoof is hilarious because it’s SO TRUE!  It also has a special spot in my heart because of the brilliance of Donny Osmond’s dance moves in the video.  You can enjoy the first take of Donny & Al, complete w/ green screen, for the video here:

And if you haven’t seen the video in all it’s glory before, please also enjoy the following:

Thanks for cheering up an otherwise Monday Monday, Donny!  Now please excuse me while I go practice my moves.




4 responses

10 08 2010

Donny Osmond is AMAZING. AMAZING. I was speechless. AMAZING.

13 08 2010
Laura Pierce

Donny? really? anyway… we were groovin’ with Al… white and nerdy… ya!!!

13 08 2010
Laura Pierce

okay… we were groovin with Donny… looking good! love the moves and Kirby wants the sweat shirt… can’t imagine him wearing it though.

13 08 2010

Tell him I’ll buy it for him if we can do a video of this song. I’ll be Donny.

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