Cork Recycling Day

27 07 2010

Did you know that only the first cork tree harvest is suitable for wine corks? And that it takes the cork tree 25 years to [be mature enough for their first harvest] grow to that point?  Aside from being open to non-cork options for your wine bottle purchasing, please find a way to recycle your corks (I take them to the SF Ferry Building, but I hear most wine shops and Whole Foods take them too).  Even the synthetic ones can now be recycled in some areas.  Not that the recycled corks can be made into wine corks…but [In addition to being made into wine corks!] they can be made into almost all the other cork things we purchase, limiting the first cut cork that gets used for making things like flooring and clogs.

Edited: always happy to sit corrected, after the comment below, I looked back at my sources, and the info is weighted towards recycled cork being made into wine “fasteners”. Way to fact check my ass, stranger.




5 responses

28 07 2010

They make swell cat toys.

28 07 2010

You should sell them as cat toys on Etsy. Maybe with some cat nip rubbed on them.

28 07 2010

Ha! i love that Benziger is on top! otherwise… a lot of champagne corks… and several corks that are made of ground up cork… recycled that is.

28 07 2010

Of course Benziger is on top!

28 07 2010
100% Cork

Not sure where you got your information about the first harvest being suitable for wine cork. In fact, it’s not until the THIRD harvest that the bark is suitable for wine. Cork oaks are harvested every nine years and can live to be several hundred years old. The vast cork oak forests absorb huge amounts of greenhouse gases and provide a defense against desertification. The trees are not harmed during the harvesting of their bark — making cork the only renewable and recyclable wine stopper available. To learn more, visit us at

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