Living the Spoiled Life

26 07 2010

Life is good.  And tastes good.

A while back the hubby got a hankerin’ for the soft pretzels of his Philly youth and learned to make them.  Then, last week, we were watching a show on the TV and there was a restaurant making amazing looking burgers (with heavy metal band names) served on PRETZEL BUNS: Kuma’s Corner!  We’re planning a trip to Chicago as we speak to visit this amazing place (and to do a tour of hotdogs).  In the meantime, the hubby whipped up a ho-made version.  Behold!

That puppy is topped with caramelized onions, Lang’s 58 Ketchup (from the underground farmer’s market), Emmy’s Bread & Butter Pickles (also from the market), and some ho-made mustard.  See? Spoiled.

That fork is for the salad I was too full to eat, btw.  Not for the burger.




2 responses

26 07 2010

Holy maloney. I want to go to there.

26 07 2010

Indeed. Ed says there may also be a place in that big city you call home that serves pretzel bun burgers.

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