Erl the Helpful Stranger

22 07 2010

I haven’t posted about giving directions in a while but they’ve been given.  Here are a few:

17th St & Capp St (in front of our CSA pick up) to Petco; question hollered from an old beat up pick up:

How to get to Macy’s; “The women’s Macy’s?” “What?” “There are 2 different stores…”:

And our good old friend The Moscone Center:

Completely unrelated, the new Berry Yumberry smoothie from JambaJuice tastes like the fruit roll-ups of my childhood.




2 responses

22 07 2010

I totally had a Yumberry for dinner last night. Totally. Like, I licked the inside of the cup as far as my face would fit in it.

23 07 2010

Holy heysoos, Yo. How far in did you make it?

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