Erl & Directions

7 04 2010

People regularly ask me for directions.  Today’s askers were a little crestfallen when I told them about how long it would take to walk from Chinatown to Japantown:

An hour.  It was either that or Haight/Ashbury.  But since they couldn’t figure out what I meant by blocks – as in: “go 4 blocks that way” “how long is a block?” – I patted one on the shoulder and said good luck.

A foreign touristing couple on the same walk back to the office were sure they knew me.  I told them I just have that kind of face.




One response

16 04 2010
Miss Hammar

two tourists asked Eddie and I for directions the other day and we told them and then they looked at us untrustingly and walked the other way. I guess we have those other kind of faces xo

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